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Interventional Pulmonology

We are proud to offer the region's first and only Interventional Pulmonology program.  Interventional Pulmonology is a relatively new field and uses minimally invasive endoscopic procedures to treat lung disease.  Dr. Carolina See oversees this program and is the only board certified Interventional Pulmonologist in the Inland Northwest. Dr. See is an expert in lung cancer diagnosis and treatment. She utilizes advanced diagnostic and therapeutic techniques to treat lung cancer, airway disorders, and pleural diseases.  

Conditions we treat:

Lung Cancer, Malignant and Benign Airway Disease, Airway Obstruction, Foriegn Body Removal, Lung nodules, Mediastinal Lymphadenopathy, Hemoptysis, Pleural Disease, Pleural Effusion, Lung Biopsies.

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